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Are You Thinking of Re-Branding?

In this fast growing business world that is knitted together via instant digital communication the things are getting too old too quickly. In order to stay relevant and fresh, mostly businesses realize to have a change and that is the time where re-branding come in useful, provide a fresh energy and also a chance to gain momentum and attention. Re-branding technique can be successful, but should not be taken it lightly. Here are some points to consider if you want to do this properly.


It seems obvious, but the first question you will ask is ‘what is the purpose of re-branding?’ what you hope to achieve and, particularly, which changes are needed? You must have a clear idea as well as a defined sense of what re-brand will look like; ideally, make all decisions that are backed up by data you have.


Now, you need to think what you must do to deliver the changes you require. It can be a new name, a new logo, or a new core message. You need to be careful because changing too much can cause a risk or losing your ground that you have already established in the market. Have one or two excellent ideas in your mind and make sure that they can be applied to the operation.

At What Time?

Choosing the time of re-branding is critical. It is best to not to fully re-brand at the end of any financial year because you can have other opportunities on your hit list. For example, in a holiday season or during trading periods are best. Having a clear timeline will help to run the project smoothly. Picking a right moment should make sure that the timeline matches a good time to get a positive change.


While re-branding, it is easy to think about the door sign, business cards, the letterheads, Twitter image, web page, but a large business may also need to think how to re-brand vehicles. Airlines and rail operators usually do this via planes and trains, but other businesses need to consider the right preparation techniques in order to rebrand their vehicles. A symbol on the vehicles may help to spread attentiveness and neglecting these may cause undermine your efforts.

Web Visibility

There are some cases where re-branding means an entirely new website. In this case, there are other challenges in the way. Gecko highlighted you need to consider the impact on SEO. You need to make sure that your previous website URL has permanent 301 redirections to the new URL, so that meta titles, as well as descriptions, may reflect your new website and also use backlink checker tool to check the links coming to your website. The online technical task is vital; if you get this wrong you can lose visibility and even business.


Re-branding is not just about making a change. It must have a marketing plan too. Let people know about the change on social media as well as other platforms that are available to you either online and offline. Choose the opportunity to get new customers via promotions and offers. Hope for the best and make sure that it will be part of a great push for a new business.

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