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The Big “FIVE” Personality Framework

One of the many angles that is of concern to HR managers while recruiting is the required nature of person for the job. Each job, has its own specific nature, and thus requires people with a certain kind of personality. A sales person needs to be cooperative, polite and at the same energetic, so that he is successful in promoting the product, and when approached by customers is able to stretch a decent gesture, and secure a client. On the other hand, a supply manager, needs to be well organized and balanced, and someone with the ability to set targets, meet them and exceed them when needed, in order to secure optimal inventory levels. A technician should be creative, and open to new ideas in order to be innovative and produce efficiency. The list can go on and on, but in order to find the right person for the job, at least in terms of personality, requires the use of big “five personality framework

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This first of these traits is, Agreeableness. A person with high level of agreeableness,is generally someone who is polite, forgiving, cooperative and Gentle. This is more of a general trait that maybe necessary for the line manager, type positions and even team leaders. High level of agreeableness in a manager, may lead to a motivated work force and a team of workers who may very often go above and beyond what is required of them, mainly because they are treated with care. On the other hand, too much of this attitude may loosen up the workforce and create laziness, thus being counter productive.


High level of conscientiousness can be reflected in high levels of responsibility, being organized, careful and thorough in doing their work. This can be a very vital ability required in an operation worker, accountant, engineer etc. This category of people is very productive and reliable, and often can be called the pillars of the business.


As the root work, Neuro, suggests, it refers to how calm a person is. An individual with low level of neuroticism will often be found as very calm, poised, resilient and secure. A sales person, although not always, often might be required to have a high level of neuroticism. On the other hand, top manager should have relatively low levels of neuroticism so that he can make accurate decisions and not change plans due to hyped up situations


Extroverts are generally people who speak their hearts out, in almost every situation and are likely to have intimidating personalities. To speak in more professional and relevant-to-our-context terms, they are sociable, talkative, assertive and network-oriented. As fair as it may seem, marketing people or promoters should have this personality as one of their key traits.


This is a rather unique type of personality trait. Openness refers to the degree of how open to new ideas, imaginative, creative and flexible a person is. Contingency planners, top managers, and team leaders should have this quality of thought ingrained in them. Generally, with a pinch of practicality, if this trait exists in several members of an organization, the business is likely to go far.

None of these personality traits are mutually exclusive, one person may have balance of all and one perso may be strong in 2 or 3 of them, but it can be a good helper in making decisions when it comes to understanding employees, requirements of a job and filtering potential candidats for a position.

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