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Hypersay is an online platform that allows you to create interactive presentations that can be used for education, training, marketing or any other type of events. Hypersay has different features available for presenters, attendees at events which all focus on allowing for increased presenter-audience interaction.

Hypersay is a powerful and ‘easy to use’ educational tool that allows teachers to create and deliver interactive lessons that engage students in the learning process.
Teachers start by uploading existing PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations and combining the content with open-ended questions, quizzes, videos, links and images that are relevant to the lesson.
The lessons can be accessed by students through any web-connected device using a unique session code that auto-generates from https://hypersay.com. Teachers control the classroom using their own device to synchronize the pages of the lesson, allow students to ask questions during the lesson, monitor students online presence in real-time and create ideal conditions for interactive learning.
Students can follow the slides, answers quizzes, take notes and post questions. Students can also email their notes to themselves and re-visit the lesson afterwards.
After the lesson, teachers can review students’ interactions online or, as an advanced user, download their responses and answers into a CSV file. Session engagement analytics are also available for advanced users.
All learning session codes are private. Teachers can decide when and with whom to share the session code and it will never expire, unless the teacher decides to delete a presentation.