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Advertising your products and services and then selling them is not enough to feature anymore, it is just fundamental for many businesses success. Online sales are ahead of all and are sure that it will take retail sales. Online sales transactions are more than physical sales because bricks and mortar …

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Oranization Behavior: What makes a Successful manager?

Organization Behavior is the study of human behavior in organizational settings, the interface between human behavior and the organization, and the organization itself. The core of OB is to be both effective and efficient, while it helps in individual’s and organization’s success. OB is not a specialist field, meaning, you …

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Investing in a Bond: know all aspects of it

The way our world today works, money has become a necessity. The statement “Money can’t buy happiness”, is although very subjective and varies from person to person, no longer seems to be true for most people. Which is also justified in how more and more people are majoring in Financial …

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Porter’s Value Chain Analysis: What Brings Value To A Business?

Porter’s value chain analysis is a unique tool and idea that helps any business bring more value to its self. By definition, value added is just the increase in value of a product due to additional features. However, here we talk about increasing value to the business as a whole. …

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How to Save Money While Buying Business Tools?

Businesses, both small and large keeps a close eye on cash flow. Following some tips ensures the right use of financial resources while purchasing tools for your business. Every business including that of cottage industry like trade keeps their focus on the expenses, especially while looking for their trade tools. …

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