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Linux Users Launch their first freelance platform

Smartlation Translation Services and Linux Institute announced IGMI, a new platform to hire Linux experts as impossible in other general platforms. From Linux gurus to marketers specialized in Linux and Open Source software, IGMI is offering a wide spectrum of high quality services. “In contrast with other platforms we don’t …

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How To Start Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Starting a digital marketing company will draw all of your business intelligence, industry knowledge and digital marketing skills and experience. The most appropriate marketer will try to set up their shop and it will be challenging as well as disruptive. Even with years of experience and track record for a …

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Sales & Marketing Via a Messaging Toolbox

We all know that strategic marketing is crucial to the business growth and success. Recreating marketing from the start every time is the surest way of wasting money and weakening your brand. So you create confusion and inconsistency for your target audience. Creating a messaging toolbox for business is the …

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Is MLM Entrepreneurship?

There are many self-proclaimed entrepreneurs who send invitations and want to join Multi-Level or Network Marketing Company, but these are all seems like getting rich quick strategies. The main goal of an entrepreneur is to create something new and innovative. MLM is a common formula applied on a product with …

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The concept of B2B Marketing

B2B or Business-to-Business Marketing is a commonly known concept and involves the selling of products and services from one company to another company. The techniques involved in B2B marketing rely on the principles same as that for consumer marketing, but they are executed in a different way. Consumers choose products …

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