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Style and Software: Applications for the Beauty Business

Building a successful business needs your intelligence, dedication and some amount of your business related expertise. But, apart from all these, some of the best tools may help in your business success. Smartphone apps are in a large amount and are handling almost every aspect of a successful and smooth …

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Improving your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is not an optional term for businesses.  Businesses of all sizes and shapes realize the significant effect of digital marketing on their turnover. Workers and consumers are spending a considerable amount of time behind a computer screen as well as using World Wide Web as a reference for …

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Video Marketing

According to George Orwell in his 1945 “Animal Farm” novel, “all animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” This is exactly how it plays out on the internet. All businesses are created equal, but some blue chip companies are created more equal than small start-ups. …

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Marketing Mix: The reknowned 4Ps

Marketing Is the process of analyzing and identifying customer’s needs and wants and then satisfying them profitably using the appropriate marketing mix. Marketing mix consists of 4Ps mainly; Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Almost anyone who has basic knowledge of Business studies would already have come across similar definitions and …

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How to Create Buzz around a Business?


While starting a new business, it is the difficult task to get noticed by the public or environment. In fact, most of the companies give up quickly when marketing activities do not return on investment instantly. The truth is that brand awareness is a time consuming activity. National scandal or …

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Choosing the Pricing Strategy; is it really that simple?


When it comes to creating a price tag for the product or service, most businesses do not spend a lot of time on it. Set the price equal to that of your competitors or just set it a little higher/lower than theirs to name a few. However, the price of …

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What exactly is Business Development?


Manager – Business Development, VP Business Development or Executive – Business Development, are heavyweight and impressive terminologies used in business organizations. A business partnership, Strategic initiatives, business expansion, marketing, sales and market development are the fields take part in business development. These are considered as the sole functions in the …

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