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Creating a Digital Marketing Plan That Overtakes Your Competition

Business operation is not for the people having a faint heart. Running a business not only needs a lot of time, there are many other small parts that complete whole requirements of a business. One part is the marketing strategy, and with the help of technology, it can be converted …

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McKinsey’s 7s

Introduced in 1980s, this is one of oldest yet highly effective idea that must be implemented in order to reach success. The 7s consists of: Strategy Structure Systems Shared values Style Skills Staff Before we start talking about them individually, the must first be understood as Hardware or Software elements. …

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Counterfeit; One of Business World’s biggest problem

As ignored as this issue is, this is one of biggest problems the world is facing these days. Where the desire to use products has increased exponentially over the years, many have been taking an unethical benefit from it. It is only natural that huge brands like Zara, Gucci, Vevo, …

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