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Organizational structures: The foundation of a business

Organization structure, the way the business is formed and holds up is one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship. Almost every decision that is taken, is effected by structure of that organization. The speed of communication, efficiency in relaying information, taking and giving orders are all effected by the …

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Marketing Mix: The reknowned 4Ps

Marketing Is the process of analyzing and identifying customer’s needs and wants and then satisfying them profitably using the appropriate marketing mix. Marketing mix consists of 4Ps mainly; Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Almost anyone who has basic knowledge of Business studies would already have come across similar definitions and …

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Project management: Network analysis

Project management is key to success of any business. Bef  ore I begin, there is also a misconception about Projects, that I must shed light onto. Project is not necessarily something that requires years to process, hiring new labor, inputting loads of investment and having plenty of complexities. Project can be …

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How to prevent a struggling company from demolishing?

In an economy, anyone can find that a business failure may bother a specific percentage of businesses in this world of innovators. It is because of the environment in which the businesses are residing. The environment is very operative, ever-evolving, competitive, and the factor may lead to problems of corporate …

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A Code For Diverse Organizations: “The Boston Matrix”

Question Matrix

In our fast paced world today, there are many businesses that tend to diversify and produce more than one product. Surely, it is easy to decide whether to keep producing each one of those many products through a basic Managerial Accounting concept of Segment margin, but there is a lot …

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Startup investments for business growth


Startup investments refer to the action to make an investment in the initial stage of the company i.e. the startup company. Some startups raise more investments at several stages of the growth. Not all of them are successful. The fund’s solicitation became very easy because of JOBS Act. Before the …

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The Foundations of Entrepreneurship Plan


The Entrepreneurship Plan foundations are designed to discuss the basic theories and concepts of entrepreneurship. They also differentiate between discovery and creation of entrepreneurial opportunities. The tools, materials, structure and educational platform discussed provides a great learning experience for entrepreneurs and students. The tools and content are structured with a …

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