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Counterfeit; One of Business World’s biggest problem

As ignored as this issue is, this is one of biggest problems the world is facing these days. Where the desire to use products has increased exponentially over the years, many have been taking an unethical benefit from it. It is only natural that huge brands like Zara, Gucci, Vevo, Samsung, Nike and countless more in all fields of expertise have to increase their prices as a result of promising quality, high reputation, uniqueness in their respective fields and mainly high demands from the consumers. Where they have been profiting and growing, as well as causing growth on national levels in terms of economy, many have been faking their way through.

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In U.S alone, 3 years ago, $1.7 billion worth of counterfeit goods were discovered. Many countries in Asia have gone as far as to have counterfeit goods sold for a brand, just a block away from the original retail shop of the same brand. It would be one thing if people were consuming it unaware (which also happens a lot), but a lot of people are now consuming them voluntarily. A standard Nike T-shirt which is priced around $100 can be found for $2, $3 just about anywhere in the same city. The fact that counterfeiters are producing with identical logos and designs is even more fearful.

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Many critics often say that Counterfeiting is not that big a problem for these brands as they usually have retailing services across the globe and have many loyal consumers. However, some fields have been harmed more than one can imagine, leading to loss of jobs, loss of economy and above all, loss of passion. Production of Anime in Japan, is one thing to talk about. Where Japanese writers and artists once produced anime with immense Passion, inner drive and earned fair-square money from it, are not struggling. Reason? All Anime movies, episodes, comics are available for free on the internet. No one has to buy them anymore. This has led to loss of jobs for many artists and a lot of disappointment.

Musicians too, have been harmed greatly by it. Once who had their copies sold at shops for a set price, out of which they were given a fair share, now have all their songs and albums available for download for free at the internet. I will be fair, it can be argued, because a lot of those songs are also heard at YouTube, for which they get paid and earn fame. Still, they have to bear a lot of losses for not getting their songs sold straight at shops. Similar is the case with Movies. Films that cost Millions of dollars to be produced, months of overnights and sometimes years of thinking can be seen for free through Torrents on internet. Since Torrents are an absolute destruction to countless industries (Movies, songs, software, games) many countries have started to get them banned. Yet total control has not yet been achieved.

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However, we see it, or however we approach it, the fact remains that Counterfeit is an absolute crime and too many people fail to realize the harm. Maybe it is because people have been victim of complex that they prefer a fake product of a brand, over an unbranded product. Whatever the reason, Counterfeit is a growing issue and we need to solve it. Anything that harms passion, leads to loss of hard-earned jobs should not be tolerated.

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