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Create An Effective Team

Many years ago, some organizations introduced teams and it was a big news because no business organization was doing it. Today’s organization is different and opposite, if there is no team to some extent, they are considered odd one out.

Studies show that teams usually outperforms individual while the work undertaken is required, multiple skills, experience, and judgment. Teams can be more responsive and flexible to change, and because of its nature, they can allow employees to participate in making decisions.

Thus, teams are an integral part of the business operation, how they achieve their goals, and how we ensure that our teams are doing effectively? Moreover, how can we measure a team’s productivity? Making up effective teams depend upon the key components, context, composition, work design, and process.


Work teams rely on the resources outside the group. These resources may include having the information when needed, necessary equipment, administrative assistance, and adequate staffing. Structure and leadership are also vital because the team members must agree on what, who, where to do and ensure that all members contribute equally. While starting the assignment that is assigned to a team, they need to decide the meeting t

ime, what skills are required, how can they resolve conflicts, and how they will make and change decisions.


The skills required to perform effectively are technical expertise, decision-making and problem-solving ability, and interpersonal skills.

The teams who possess higher extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotional stability and openness to experience can perform better. The team should be made of members who understand various role types. Individuals sometimes playmultiple roles and their managers need to understand the strength that each individual can bring.

When there is diversity in the team in terms of gender, personality, education, age, experience and functional specialization the chances of performing effectively are high. Effective team members can complete the tasks and make it less dependent on a single member.

Work Design

An effective team needs to work with each other and take all the responsibilities to complete important tasks. They have the opportunity to use their skills, talent, and the ability to complete identifiable tasks, and working on a project that has a significant impact.


An effective team has a meaningful purpose that decides the direction, commitment, and momentum for members. Translating the purpose of the team into measurable, specific, and realistic goals makes a successful team. They have self-confidence. Conflicts can improve effectiveness when there is disagreement on a task rather than a relationship conflict. Sometimes individuals may hide in a group and teams undermine the tendency by considering themselves accountable at the individual as well as a team level. The teams are created to enable an organization generating greater outputs with limited inputs.


To get the best team situation or structure, first, consider what you want and what end results you expect while in a team and how you can achieve your goal. While building a team, think whether the project or task is suited to this team. Also think about the team composition, their skills, knowledge, and experience needed for the group. Consider the personalities of the team members. Determine how will you measure the team’s success. Finally, how can you reward the team according to their achievement and the desired goal?

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