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Defining Leadership

Leadership is subjective. But its foundations evolve from a single thing: the ability of a person to establish among individuals or a team.

Every leader possesses his own strategy and style. Further, their leadership methods and styles vary because they are subjected to many factors. Modern challenges all leaders face today are: changing financial and regulatory markets, digitalization, retaining and recruiting talent along with the predicaments of their company and company size.

Recently, current founders and leaders were asked what they think about leadership. Their answers are summarized as:

The Pursuit to better Your Environment

There is not a single key, approach or formula to a leadership. It should be a humble and authentic expression of your personality in pursuit to better the environment you are in.

Knowing Yourself and Your Team Well

Leadership is about considering strengths and weaknesses in a productive and efficient way. It is about knowing yourself and your team and giving your best to set up both in order to get success.

Giving Tools to the People

Leadership is defined as serving the people working for you by offering those tools they required for success. Your staff should look forward to the customers and over their shoulders at you. It means genuine honor for what is going well and leading by handling circumstances if things go unusually.

An Open, Positive and Authentic Influence

Leadership comes from the influence which in return may come from anyone at any level in any role. Being authentic and open helps to lift others and giving attention to a common mission. A true leadership comes if people around you are influenced in a positive way. 

Clarity, Confidence, and Courage

This defines a leader as the one who has the clarity to do the right things, the confidence to know if you are he is wrong, and to do the right things even they are wrong.

Building Consensus

Different people have different leadership styles, but good leaders make the people accomplish more than they can. The effective leaders do this not via intimidation, title, or fear, but instead by building consensus and common goals.

Being the Solution to a Problem

Leadership means the ability to find a problem and be its solution. There are many people who talk about problems and can empathize, but many of them cannot see the challenge or a problem and rise to it. A leader truly sees problems and wants to solve them.

Helping others Achieve Impossible

The ability to make the people able to achieve things they think is impossible. Leaders are coaches who help to develop people, not players. Leaders give people a shared vision and give them an environment where they feel valued.

Building Followership

Leadership is defined as building followership. Your core responsibility is how you inspire people to support an agenda under your vision and direction. You have to consider other’s communication and development. Your job is not only about what you accomplish, but about what your team can achieve. Try to think about ‘we’ instead of ‘me’.

Listening Actively

Leadership refers to three things: listen, inspire, and empower. It is about listening to one’s point of view, learn from them, and use the trust and collaboration to empower.

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