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The Sound Effects of Consumerism

Today, consumerism has become the hallmark of many world economies. It is a common phenomenon in the west, but now world’s developing countries are trying to resorting it. Consumerism means consumption of goods at high rates. The production and sales of goods determine the economy. The GNP (Gross National Product) …

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Choosing a Retail Space

Though e-Commerce and mobile sales are growing fast, a number of entrepreneurs have become succeed in opening up many traditional brick and mortar stores. The reason behind this success can be a great retail space. It does not matter how good your business or product is, you cannot make any …

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Advantages of Software Testing

Software testing

If you work in the trenches of the IT department, it can be difficult to get people higher up in your business organization to understand just how beneficial software testing can be. If you want to get them on board with the idea, however, it is important to understand the …

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