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Linux Users Launch their first freelance platform

Smartlation Translation Services and Linux Institute announced IGMI, a new platform to hire Linux experts as impossible in other general platforms. From Linux gurus to marketers specialized in Linux and Open Source software, IGMI is offering a wide spectrum of high quality services. “In contrast with other platforms we don’t …

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Porter’s Value Chain Analysis: What Brings Value To A Business?

Porter’s value chain analysis is a unique tool and idea that helps any business bring more value to its self. By definition, value added is just the increase in value of a product due to additional features. However, here we talk about increasing value to the business as a whole. …

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The 6 R’s of Increased Productivity

The most important key to maximizing the team productivity is motivation. An estimation shows that an average team member at a given time work at a minimum of 50% of his capacity. Therefore, mastering the employee motivation could increase the success chances over an average competitor. As there are a …

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Kaizen, translated from Japanese means continuous improvement. The idea of Kaizen, as insignificant as it may seem at first, is a remarkably effective technique. Not just for businesses, but it is applicable even to our human life. In fact, we have heard this many times before that small frequent actions …

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Effective Mission Statement

Many business plans include a mission statement. Most of these statements are simple company overviews with unclear generalizations about customer or market base. Instead of explaining the mission, they try to summarize the products and services. To be very effective, a mission statement needs to clarify the business intention while …

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