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Linux Users Launch their first freelance platform

Smartlation Translation Services and Linux Institute announced IGMI, a new platform to hire Linux experts as impossible in other general platforms.
From Linux gurus to marketers specialized in Linux and Open Source software, IGMI is offering a wide spectrum of high quality services.
“In contrast with other platforms we don’t allow everyone to participate, we only promote real experts but we also offer free training for candidates wishing to sell services through IGMI” – Explained Fernando Argañik-  “but one of the reasons we decided to create this platform was the huge quantity of scammers or not experienced users selling important services like customized firewalls or accessing customers’ servers without enough knowledge, that’s why we asked Smartlation to help us, due their experience filtering fake translators”.
Fernando explains IGMI was planned considering all needs of ITS customers and professionals too – while we keep high quality freelancers only we revolutionized the payments policies in the freelancer market- our team members don’t need to wait 21 days to get paid,  nor they pay high fees like in other platforms – he added.

Some online publishers already started hiring services through IGMI, the first Linux freelancers platform. and the team is looking for new influencing customers for the joining experts.
This is a great opportunity for startup companies and businesses in need of a sysadmin but without enough resources to finance a position which usually does not act unless there is a serious problem, an even more illogical situation when the sysadmin is good and doesn’t need to touch the server for years. Yet a serious company must have 24/7 technical backup, a Linux sysadmin when  the services are hosted under Linux.
Earning a great salary “just in case” sounds good, but also sounds good the possibility for sysadmins to serve different customers simultaneously and to have the option to integrate the labor market without sitting 8 hours in an office unproductively, through IGMI Linuxers can carry out from a couple to several projects daily depending on their complexity.

With IGMI.IO Linuxers start integrating the freelancers market through a new meeting point between IT gurus waiting for amazing projects and entrepreneurs looking for them.


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