If you are in leadership stage, so you are having many responsibilities. Keeping balance in the assignments and putting employees on tasks is really stressful. You are having all the pressure and as a human, you can also make mistakes.

Even f you are leading your team well, there is always space for improvement. Here are some leadership weaknesses and ways to fix them.

Lack of Trust in your Employees

Leaders sometimes micro manage their employees or assign the number of tasks that they cannot handle. They fail to create effective team for their company. This is because they have no trust in their teams that they can do well.

Max Friedman, a founding partner of Hatchery, said, “Leaders struggle with delegating projects to others, for fear that no one will be able to meet their level of execution”. It is important that as a team leader, you have a team who trust you and try to give them autonomy to succeed individually.

Excessive Connectivity

Connectivity has become very important to the modern business field. Constant connectivity enables the managers to provide their feedback easily across the time zones. The only problem is that this may lead to constant-connectivity, which is omnipresent approach and it is also bad for managers as well as team members.

Being available all the times ultimately dis-empower employees who feel that they should be available because their manager is.

As instant messaging, emails, project management tools enable the manager to participate in all the decisions that do not mean that they would be good for all the involved employees. Communicate clearly for consistent expectations.


Leaders often face the risk of getting stuck. The current way might be working, but it is very to not to your team and yourself grows stagnant. Becoming static and not having the desire for innovation are the biggest threats to a business.

As a leader, the best thing you can do is communication and a clear sense of doing what and why. Without continued innovation, your mission statement will lose credibility.

Leaders need to listen from everyone who is related to your business, to stay innovative and adaptive. Feedback is the most valuable information to your company’s success.

Need to be liked

It is natural that people want to be liked, leaders are people too. Being in everyone’s favor sometimes cloud solid judgment.

A common mistake that managers or business users made that they take decisions that are popular and sometimes they might not be the best management strategies for their business.

Rather than trying to be well liked, try to be more understood and respected among your employees. Learn to communicate frequently and openly with your team and keep your staff members in a loop regarding any decision.


A leader always set an example for his team. If you want your employees to listen and respect you, follow your own rules. If you are trying to create a collaborative environment, be clear that either you can share and collaborate with others.

No leader wants to be isolated from the rest of his team, so do not act like you are far better than your team. This will only frustrate and create tension for the employees. Be open about your flaws.


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