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Improve Employee Engagement

If we are on the same path in 2017 where 2016 left, then we are a new model of business management. 2016 was the year I which buzzword was rarely used. It is one of the top issues and one that becomes the main point for those who are running, owned and have an interest in the business.

Obviously, ‘employee management’ term is open to translation and has its meaning to a variety of things to different people in multiple sectors. Why it is very important is easy to understand. If there is an employee who is engaged will be more productive, efficient, and effective as compared with that who is not. It is difficult to quantify what things make them engaged. They motivate others, working with a smile, complete the task assigned, communicate well, and represent the brand of your company with the aim of success.

How to create an engaged workforce? This is sometimes a million dollar question. Read the answer below.

Understand Your Workforce

Before a couple of years, Millennials became the majority generation. Of course, you have heard the term, but if you are not sure about what things make a millennial, it is anyone, born between 1982-2004. The number is going to increase as more generation retire and many millennials graduate from colleges and start working. If you want to engage the new generation, it is difficult that your leadership methods will suit their needs, wants, and desires, which have become very different. Past generation considers it their responsibility to have a stable job and work their best before retiring. Ensure great atmosphere with great culture for your employees.

Do Hiring Correctly

Hiring a wrong person is going to need a lot of struggle to make them engaged. Sit is important to consider the personality of the candidate. Are they fit for your company? There may be more candidate with more experience and have achieved good grades at college, but it is important to have the ability to make themselves fit into your organization.

Feedback is a Good Friend

If your employees are not receiving feedback it will be difficult to engage them. If you provide your feedback, you are showing care, and make them feel valued and they will become more engaged. Appreciate an employee when they do a good job. Tell them if they can improve. Help them achieve new skills. If will benefit your company.

Compassion From the Top

It is obvious that people do not want to quit their job, they want to leave their boss. There are many jobs where wok means work, like pay the bills, allowing company growth and letting the employees what they afford and what they love to do. People leave their company because of their bosses. Bad behavior of a boss is the result of staff turnaround. As a leader, if you have an inspiration, you have more chances to create engaged teams. Be compassionate. Understand your employees. Lead with integrity and be authentic.

The Work-Life Balance

Millennials do want to be in the office from 9:00 to 5:00 just for being in the office. That is why companies are moving towards flexible methods. The Internet has decreased the demand for employees being present in the office. Offer them the option to work from home. More contentment comes with more flexibility which means better engagement.


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