How can you motivate a person to buy your product or service? Psychology has the answers to the questions that have a number of marketing departments for decades, especially surrounding how to motivate people and how they respond to their attempts.

A professor of Psychology and Marketing from Arizona State University, said, “Persuasion is no longer just an art, it is an out and out science” at the 125th Convocation of the APA (American Psychological Association). Definitely, a huge body of scientific fact exists on how, why and when people influenced by their attempts.

Cialdini has done years of research into 6 universal principles of social influence to understand the attempts to influence people’s behaviour. These principles can be used by business as well as consumers to understand the internal working of purchasing methodology, as well as what appeals are more likely to succeed.

– Reciprocity: The most important is to know your customer. Humans sometimes feel that they are required to return reciprocate kind gestures and favour. While considering consumers, this can be encouraged by offering a generous discount or a free sample to them.

– Commitment: When someone gets engaged with something, they are required to stick with it. In terms of business, this is called cultivating the brand loyalty. When someone is using a product or service, they are expected to pay for it again and again.

– Pack mentality: When more people do the same thing, the chances are high that others will do the same. When a brand demonstrates its popularity and satisfaction that covers a wide range of customers other people will more likely to use that brand.

– Authority: People usually prefer to listen to the experts as compared with any other local person off the street. As a pack mentality is very important, a relevant and expert speaker to the brand’s product and service effectiveness is also vital to make more customers as well.

– Liking: people similar to the target customers will more likely persuade the customer to buy. People who are from common demographics, in terms of socioeconomic class, ethnicity, religious inclination, or with just the same interest, are usually more effective at consumer persuading as compared with those who perceive totally different.

– Scarcity: People try to want what they think they cannot get. Making products or service is somehow exclusive, or when it goes out of the stock if they are not acting quickly, sometimes makes it more tempting to customers and increase the chances that they will buy that product or service.

Having all these principles of influence, companies become able to navigate their consumers and make more to increase their sales. Though, Cialdini has warned regarding crossing the gap between influence and manipulation. According to him, doing so can cause disaster for long a long time.

People, marketers, and companies are required to ask themselves either the influence principle is referred as inherent in the situation, which means do they need to manufacture or can they just uncover it? According to Cialdini, the answer is no, no one wants to become a smuggler of influence.  Thinking themselves to be expert even if they are not, exploit powers and those will have many negative consequences.

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