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How Self-Knowledge Makes An Effective Entrepreneur?

If you want to be a real entrepreneur, you need to know yourself so well. After all, you have no direct manager who is in charge to give you feedback, and the direct report due to which you will be afraid to tell what they think. As an entrepreneur, your …

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How Streamlining the Business Back-End Increases Profitability?

Your business may be working smoothly, but it needs improvement anytime. It does not matter what you think your business is doing, it is necessary to consider the things that can be improved. That’s how you can have a value in the business curve. When you took a close look …

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How is Outsourcing the Best Strategy?

If you are running a small business, it means you are trying to do everything by yourself. In case, funds are tight, the only things you need to consider are extra expenses. Handling a task yourself and tapping your staff to do this and it sounds like a very cost …

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