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Culture Of Innovation In startup

Entrepreneurs are normally highly innovative and creative, but many innovative persons are not entrepreneurs. As it takes a complete team of many people to build a successful company, there is a challenge to find the small percentage of innovators and then nurture the tendency instead of stifling it. There is …

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Essential Elements of a Business Plan

It is obviously understood that making business plans is important, but some people know what is needed to create an efficient and effective business plan. Instead of relying on trial/ error that can cause cost your business support and funding, some essential elements of the business plan are discussed here: …

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Effective Mission Statement

Many business plans include a mission statement. Most of these statements are simple company overviews with unclear generalizations about customer or market base. Instead of explaining the mission, they try to summarize the products and services. To be very effective, a mission statement needs to clarify the business intention while …

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