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Advantages of Software Testing

Software testing

If you work in the trenches of the IT department, it can be difficult to get people higher up in your business organization to understand just how beneficial software testing can be. If you want to get them on board with the idea, however, it is important to understand the …

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The Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is known as the Thanksgiving day in the US. According to its history, its origin can be traced back towards a city Philadelphia. It is the busiest day in the local markets of America since 2005. On this day many people keep themselves in shopping. This day also …

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The Pursuit of Economies of Scale

The Economies of scale is the reduction in Average Cost as a result of producing on bulk. Firstly, we break them down in 2 parts, Internal Economies of Scale and External Economies of Scale. As the name itself suggests, Internal EOS is a reducing in Average Cost as a result …

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