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A brief note on entrepreneurial management


The word “entrepreneurial” is an adjective and used as a host of different contexts. It embodies a large variety of implications and meanings. For example, J.J. Kao is of the view that “entrepreneurial management” in an Entrepreneurial Organization, can refer to the mindset, concepts, and skills that tends to operate …

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The Foundations of Entrepreneurship Plan


The Entrepreneurship Plan foundations are designed to discuss the basic theories and concepts of entrepreneurship. They also differentiate between discovery and creation of entrepreneurial opportunities. The tools, materials, structure and educational platform discussed provides a great learning experience for entrepreneurs and students. The tools and content are structured with a …

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What exactly is Business Development?


Manager – Business Development, VP Business Development or Executive – Business Development, are heavyweight and impressive terminologies used in business organizations. A business partnership, Strategic initiatives, business expansion, marketing, sales and market development are the fields take part in business development. These are considered as the sole functions in the …

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