Imagine you are supplying a product to a marketplace. When people need to contact your support, they will probably send an email to your business support email address. The email reached to a staff member where it is responded and handled manually.

With time, your product becomes successful over the market but it is obvious that more sales mean more support.

The staff member who is manually processing the emails cannot keep up. These emails may lose, deleted accidentally or may not answer. The worse could be that a staff member goes on leave and forgets to transfer the email processing to another member. When that staff member comes back and sees his inbox is full of support emails and support calls are also bounded back because of full mailbox errors.







The System for Support

If there is a ticket system to manage all the support emails, the bulk of email issues can be handled efficiently.

In a business, a help ticket system must include the following stuff:

  • Processing of emails sent to support system by sorting these emails into a support ticket or by creating the support ticket.
  • Alert system for support emails. The alerting staff can be one person or group of many persons.
  • A web based application in the system where staff can manage support tickets, accept emails, attachments, send emails, and assign the tickets to other members.

When a staff member goes on vacation or is busy with support system monitoring, another staff member can take over the system. The system provides reports where clients use support and staff members process the maximum support tickets.

The help ticket system can reduce the cost and effort up to 70% to manage support calls.

How is a System Defined?

A system is defined as a process where each and every step of the process is uniquely defined and the person or application using these processes performs these steps whenever the process is executed.

If you want to make the system beneficial to your business, the processes must be in detail regarding the tasks that are involved in the whole process. a person or application who execute the process must have no or limited scope to deviate from the processes that are defined in the system.

It is recommended to better use the system rather than a person to manage the processes. The reason is software does not forget, get sick, or tries to do the tasks in shortcuts.

Obviously, people are important for front end functions like meeting with clients, innovating new ideas or making the office structure better. Back-end processes that are important for business, it is recommended to find software that can handle the tasks, control the flow and execution of the process.

System Translation

If the system you are going to use is not in your native language, you need system translation. For this, many translation agencies are working all over the world. You just need to hand over your system to them and you will get the translated version.


Every business maintains its support department. It can be managed by staff members but using ticket systems is a far better choice rather than relying on persons. The choice is yours. Decide and take your business to the level of success.

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