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The Art of Presentation

We all have many occasions in our lives when we are forced present ourselves, our ideas, our team and even our family. As scary as it can be depending on the situations, it is just as crucial. Be it the first impression or last, an impact laid via a Presentation is lasting and effective. Therefore, it is important for us to understand the psychology of presentation, develop our skills in it and yield results. It becomes even more critical in the Business world; what if you have to represent your Business to an investor?

Convince a Supplier? Explain your new product to a Potential Customer? You will always need to have good presentation skills.

Body language

The first aspect, the Body language, is basically the immediate impression on your audience. From the time you step in the room, you are being observed by very important people, and how you perform is very important. Your Body language could be from Weak, to Medium, to Strong. A strong Body Language Is almost always recommended, however, sometimes people confuse strong body language with Harsh, Unwelcoming and sometimes, Full of Attitude body language.

Body language and Posture come in the same category: Nonverbal communication. Depending on the type of situation you will have to change from Welcoming, Leader-like, Aggressive and Helpful.

Eye Contact

The Second aspect, which is the Eye contact is another Skill of Presentation which has it’s own significance. Sometimes, people assume that instead of looking on ceilings, walls and everywhere besides the audience It is better to just look at everyone and keep your eyes rolling on the audience. That is true! However, it is not the best policy you can adopt. One of the best ways to make a good eye contact is divide your audience into 3/4/5 groups. Maintain eye contact with one group at a time. The division of groups should be done, while making sure that if you have look at one group from another, you will have to change your entire posture and move around a little, and not just do some head movements. This will help you maintain stability and you will remain much more calm. Usually, when a presenter is just looking around everyone, they tend to speed up their presentation and level of nervousness also increases. This can mess up the entire presentation; or worse, your impression.

Connecting with the audience

Perhaps, this is the key objective of the entire idea of Presentations. Until and less, you are truly connected with your audience, your content will not give out its true meaning. Let’s look at it this way, you are sitting with you friends, doing bonfire, eating marshmallows and telling stories. Only when you start looking into each other’s eyes, be present and form a connection, is it possible for you relay your story in the best possible manner. Just speaking to someone is one thing, but actually being present there, connecting with them and talking to them, all during the presentation, is an entirely different story. Indeed, this is something that may come with time and practice, and often maybe highly influenced by the conditions, but it is very important for everyone to grasp.

One way of doing it is, when doing a presentation, you could start communicating with one individual. Does not have to be a long communication, just a few words, a few seconds should be enough. But this truly engage the audience in your show. One interesting thing that you can try, in order to test these theories is a rehearsal. While doing a presentation, try telling a story to which you are emotionally connected. Now will you are speaking, if you say it when looking at a person’s shoulder, hand, anywhere besides the eyes you will have one kind of expression. But if you say the same story, while meaning a 1 to 1 conversational difference and looking them directly in the eyes, and being present you will have an entirely different kind of expression. The first one will be a blank one and the second one will be a representation that you are connected and are actually communicating.

There are countless, countless, angles and details to worry about when doing a presentation. It can be as small as the way you smile, to how you connect with your audience. But the main idea is actually being present and being inside the story and the presentation. Art of presentation is of extreme significance in the modern world, including practicality. Surely, it comes with time, practice and often failures, but it can be one of your very powerful weapons.

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