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The Pillars of Productivity

As every building needs support, every business also does. The pillars of a company are relevant, vital and imperative for the survival of the company. A manufacturing industry is one that uses its ability to manufacture a product with high speed and at a high volume. The pillars that make a manufacturing industry to ensure its mark are:
The Product
The resultant product in its form is the combination of different factors, we all know, but how much important is it to make sure the result justifies the mean? The factory or manufacturing line setup can be seen as a metaphor of the operation, every step is important for the process. That is why inspectors are there to check all the machines. So quality control is the responsibility of employees, and that’s why each piece should be in its place. You need to understand the clear vision of all the process, and it should be visible to everyone. A common aim gives a purpose to everyone, not just to those who are at the top.
Cost is a big bone of every business. We always want to cut costs, but what we need is to make sure that everything is working perfectly. The best way to cut cost is to consider each important component and go through the process stepwise. This is critical because every department may argue that they are right and are essential, so job becomes difficult. As time passes, the overheads may get away from you. As every business tries to find those ways through which they can shave money off their budget, and it is predictable that there are some personal areas that may get hurt. So need to pay special attention.
The Workforce
In a factory, it can be easy to have an eye on the achievements made by your employees. Look at this from their point of view; they are likely to be working in shifts, like day shifts or night shifts. It can be a tough job, particularly for the same role. A huge amount of concentration is required because a single mistake can cause a big step back and the product may get shipped late. It is also important that your employees get rewarded for their efforts as it is a morale booster. You need to set the balance for your employees. In Japan, they have many ways to encourage their staff and create a sense of purpose. So change your rule for better achievement.
The Customer
Obviously, the product is manufactured for the customer. As a key pillar for an industry, customer service is a major thing you should consider to get the best feedback and comments for your product. We should welcome feedback from staff as well as from customers. This is a part of the sale process. During the manufacturing process the durability of the product is tested and if there is any fault, you should be accountable for that. It can be avoided with good practices. So treat your customer with the respect that they deserve. After all, they are the core reason behind the growth and success of your business.

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