Along with emerging technologies and shift in the market expectations, entrepreneurs and professionals look towards smart technologies to improve both the efficiency and quality of their operation. Though, considering all the industry options may prove to be overwhelming and often confusing.

Here is a list of smart tech suggestions you can follow to make your business successful and more efficient.

Restructure Your Productivity

The less time you will give to monotonous activities, the more you can take care of major projects and goals. Platforms such as Zapier and IFTTT are the tools that allow the creation of many automated processes, including writing and sending emails and generating leads according to specified triggers. There are many other services that help to reduce the fat for your workplace environment. You can also use other tools like Microsoft Teams for centralized communication and modern collaboration with some Microsoft SharePoint. Widely used project management applications include Asana, Basecamp, and Trello.

Automate Marketing

Use marketing software and its services to automate your data collection as well as analysis, keep your social media simple and discover effective ways to approach your target audience. Platforms like the market, Infusionsoft, Yodle, and HubSpot are some robust tools that can manage inbound marketing, leads and sales, perform complex analytics, and also automate repetitive minor tasks in maintenance. You can also focus on using the tools that perform specific functions. Sites like 99 Dollar Social and HootSuite can perform social media posting.

Work Remotely

As technology is becoming more and more advanced, you do not need to visit your office to do the work. Use cloud-based solutions to work remotely. You can get access to the related information and documents anywhere and anytime. Cloud storage services like JustCloud, Mozy, and Zoolz support heavy files, including multimedia files,  offer backup protection along with data security. Use Google Hangouts or Skype for more efficient communication. You can talk face to face and collaborate effectively with your team members who live anywhere.

Update Your Customer Service

A study shows that 80% of businesses have planned or already installed to use the AI customer service by 2020. As the cutting edge technology is in the development phase, AI integration already has modernized the customer service functions. Other products like Amazon Echo, which are designed for automation applications are good for streamlining tasks and information gathering using AL algorithms and voice-searches.

Use Mobile Software

While society is moving towards online communities and on-the-go systems, businesses must maintain their mobile presence. More than 50% of the traffic which is going to websites now comes from mobile devices. To meet increasing customer expectations, behaviours, and demands, create a mobile-friendly design for your website and also take advantage of mobile apps.  Use easy payment options like Google Wallet, Paypal and Apple Pay. Implement a digital marketing strategy to keep up with the marketing activity, including profile building as well as touch-points that can reach your audience where they spend their maximum time.

Technology is referred to as an industry that challenges business to process. Though, this field offers versatile tools that enable you to adapt quickly and improve your business operations. Using smart technologies and services, you can run your business effectively and efficiently than ever before.

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